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Welcome to Mulshi

Mulshi - Weekend Monsoon Destination Reservation

Mulshi is one of the upcoming destination near Pune which is being developed as a tourist destination. There are numerous farm houses, hotels and resorts in Mulshi to the growing tourists demand.

Mulshi is very close to Lonavala and Konkan region. Mulshi region is full of natural beauties like the dense forests of the Sahyadri mountain ranges with a dam and also forts like Dhangad and Koraigadh.

There is a dam built on Mula river in Taluka Mulshi, which is the administrative division of the Pune district of Maharashtra , India. Water from this lake is used for generating electricity. It is one of the major electricity projects in the state of Maharashtra.

The water from the dam is used for irrigation as well as for producing electricity at the Bhira hydroelectric power plant, operated by Tata Power Company LTD. The station operates six 25MW Pelton turbines and was established in 1927. It mostly supplies power to Mumbai.

Mulshi Dam and the Lake

Mulshi Lake is primarily a tourist attraction near Pune. The Lake is formed in the catchments area of Mulshi dam. Mulshi is about 35 Kms from Pune and to reach Mulshi from Pune one has to take the road leading to Pirangut from Chandni Chowk near Baner on the bypass road. This website will serve as a travel guide to Mulshi and will provide all information required on Hotels and resorts in Mulshi.

The hills of Ratnagiri and hill ranges of 'Hattihant' and 'Pagota' are terrific. Some of these hills are almost 4000 feet high. There is one plateau here popularly known as 'Lavmal'. Mulshi is very near to Pune and a short trip here can be arranged. The marvelous lake, the dam, forest and hilly region of Mulshi are splendid.

The beautiful scenic surroundings of the unexploited Sahyadri hilly terrains thus becomes a perfect location for a weekend picnic.

The beauty of Mulshi lake can be observed from 'Valanewadi' - 6 km from Mulshi.

Monsoon is the best time to visit - Mulshi

Mulshi - A Mesmerizing experience during monsoon

'Tamhini' Ghat which is a local landmark and faces a steep cliff on one side and a really deep valley on the other. There is a century old temple of the 'Vanjai' mata around the place and is worth a visit. The road takes its way through extremely scenic valleys and cliffs at every turn. During Monsoon one gets to see many waterfalls. The road is also covered with monsoon mist. Monsoon happens to be the best time to drive around this area.

Cities and Villages in Mulshi Taluka of Pune district

Uravade, Thergaon, Thathawade, Tav, Shere, Sangavi, Rihe, Pomgaon, Pirangut, Paud, Panshet, Nandgaon, Muthe, Male, Lavale, Kule, Kondhawale, Kolwan, Kolawade, Khechare, Khamboli, Kashing, Kasarsai, Ghotavade, Bhukum, Bhugaon, Bhadas, Belawade, Aundh Camp, Andgaon, Anandnagar Old Sangvi, Lavasa and Ambarvet are the cities and villages in Mulshi Taluka

Mulshi is a good location for nature lovers

It is the best place for birdwatchers and photographers. Especially during the rainy season the lush green area becomes an irresistible temptation.

Mulshi Mulshi Lake Mulshi Lake Mulshi Lake Mulshi Sunset

How to reach Mulshi

From Chandani Chowk it will be 35-40 km journey to Mulshi Dam. The road marching through Pirangut and Paud is considerably narrow but you will enjoy the drive for sure.

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Hotels around Mulshi

Mulshi is one of the upcoming hill Stations in Maharashtra and is surrounded by scenic beauty, forests, mountains, lakes and dams. There are a lot hotels in Mulshi as well as resorts in Mulshi which have realized the growing needs of this destination as a weekend spot. More and more hotels have started development in Mulshi. Detailed below are some of the popular destinations in and around Mulshi near Pune.

Lavasa declared as a Hill Station, is located on the western mountain ranges of Sahyadri. It is near to the two major metro cities. Mumbai and Pune. It is built around warasgaon lake. The best drive road is chandni chow-pune road to lavasa. There are few five, four and three stars Luxury hotels, services apartments which provide business class/Family suites, AC Exec. Suites, restaurants, with facilities like swimming pool, bars and lounges, water sport activities, gym, Wi-Fi connectivity, convention centre, and out door games. Good weekend destination

Karjat is very scenic and beautiful. It is connected to Mumbai by local trains. The Karjat, Kasar and Pen belt consists of Agricultural fields and Farm houses. Route to Konkan is from Bhimashankar - Rajmachi(via Wandre Khind - Ahupe Ghat - to Konkan - Kotwal - Siddhagad. This place is known for vegetation that is grown in abundance. It is also popular amongst the trekkers. You will find Resorts, Farm Houses, Agro Tourism here.
Good for One day picnic and weekend gateways

Karnala - Just 10 kms from Mumbai-Pune Highway. Karnala Fort is on the banks of river Patalganga. Karnala bird sanctuary is a watcher's paradise due to its lush green, natural habitat with birds like Red Vented, Bulbul, Horn Bill, Myna, Owl, Robin McPie.
Good for One Day Picnic and weekend gateways.

Panvel is the most populated city of Raigad district of Maharashtra. Karnala bird sanctuary is situated in Panvel taluka of Raigad.
Good for One day picnics and weekend gateways.

Matheran - Nerul - Hill Station in Maharashtra - is 110 kms away from Mumbai. Popular for Mini Train takes a zig-zag ride up the side of the hill, bringing into view the full beauty of the Matheran Hill. Hotels and Resorts in Matheran provide veg meals with facilities like AC accommodations, swimming pool, Gym, Health club.
Good for One day picnics and weekend gateways.

Malshej Ghat located in Pune is a special attraction for trekkers, hikers, adventurers, and nature lovers. Malshej Ghat stands 700m high in the mountains. Malshej Ghat is the only hill station where tourists can see the wonder of all the seasons of the year within the span of a single day. The dense green valleys hundreds of cascading waterfalls & fog-smothered massiffs offer tourists a quick getaway from the stress of city life. Here white flamingos make their abode in monsoon every year. Resorts provide decent, simple cottage accommodations with basic amenities and restaurants.
Good for One day picnic and weekend gateway.

Pune is a fascinating city with an healthy climate and is closely associated with the Maratha Empire & great warrior king, Chattrapatti Shivaji Maharaj. Known for Shanivar wada, Raja Kelkar Museum - Some Heritage Hotels are popular providing veg. meals and other outdoor facilities, swimming pool, gym, & AC accommodations.

Lonavala and Khandala - Two charming little Hill Stations of Western Sahyadri Mountains in Maharashtra. Also known as "Jewel of Sahyadri". Popular for Tourist attractions are places like Beautiful Hills, Deep Green Valleys, Huge Lakes, Historic Forts, Waterfalls & Karla, Bhaja, and Bedsa caves. Tungarli and Bhushi dam are famous amongst tourists. Budget Hotels and Resorts provide veg and non. veg meals with AC accommodations, swimming pool, gym, restaurants etc.
Good for One Day Picnic and weekend gateways.

This Website showcase's hotels and resorts in Mulshi and is regularly updated to include all the upcoming hotels in and around Mulshi. The hotel tariffs and photographs are also regularly updated to give you the current information required. This website will not just help you view hotels in Mulshi but also reserve your rooms in Mulshi. This website will also serve as a window to all the other destinations and hotels around Mulshi which are favorite weekend destinations.